My Calendar Project

Published on: 21st Dec 2014
In General

I guess there are many photographers doing this... This is now my 5th Calendar.

I started at the end of 2010 printing calendars for family and friends. In 2010 I printed 15 calendars. By the end of 2011 I decided to make this an annual project.

I set myself some goals: Personal Calendar - 2015 [29]

  • I am only allowed to use photos taken in the current year for the next year's calendar (all the photos in this calendar was taken in 2014!)
  • I will increase the distribution list every year with 5 people
  • The calendars will always be the same format

This year I've already printed 35 calendars. To keep the cost down, I print it at Wetink (here is a link to their website) at their Pretoria branch using their digital press. I always uses Hi Q Plus 300 Matt paper as this looks very professional, does not bend over time and has a beautiful satin finish look. I print them at A4 size which is another way to bring the costs down. The digital press at Wetink can only print A3 size, so by printing it A4 size, I instruct them to print 2 pages per sheet and to cut To show that this is not a commercial product, I use a hand made chain as the holder [41]them in half. This instruction only adds R4.00 to the overall price (and this year they even collated it for me without me instructing them to do so!). I do not want it to look like a commercial product, so I make use of a chain with two paper clips as the holder. Every year, when I submit my print job, they want to know if I do not want to make use of their spiral bound calendar special, and every year I told them that I already have a calendar holder...

If you are interested in having a unique limited edition calendar for a nominal fee, you may contact me using my contact page, and I will arrange getting you one printed.

(If you do not have a personal project like this, maybe this is a good time to start one!)

(If you have read up to here and did not click on a photo yet, do so to see them in larger format and also to browse through the rest of this gallery)