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Merry Christmas Shenzhen

Published on: 7th Aug 2017

I do not normally photograph homeless people or beggars, but this specific time I could not resist taking a photo.

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Flight MN 493 Departed on Time - 3 things to remember when planning a Star trail photo session

Published on: 23rd Sep 2016

We decided to go camping in Pilansberg National Park for the last weekend of August. As this was also the "Dark Moon" time of the month (moon rising will be after midnight), I was hoping to also include a star trail evening as part of the camping experience. I've built up quite a collection of star trail photos over the past couple of years but are still striving for that illusive perfect star trail. Hopefully one day all the elements will work together to give me the opportunity to capture it.

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My Infrared Tree Series

Published on: 10th Aug 2016

While working through my infrared photos the past couple of days I came across my series of infrared trees taken in December 2015 in the Golden Gate, Freestate region.

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How I created 'The Old Lady'

Published on: 9th Aug 2016

I promised to walk you through the creation of my infrared photo that I call "The Old Lady". Yes, it is a landscape photo, but for me, the rocks in the foreground resembles an old lady who bends over this lily pond doing her washing (sometimes my imagination runs away with me...).

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Creating a Cinemagraph

Published on: 6th May 2015

Cinemagraphs are still photographs in which a small portion of the photo shows repeated movement. Cinemagraphs give the illusion that the viewer is watching a video, but they are normally published as an animated gif.

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Slow Down the Water

Published on: 6th Apr 2015

Close to our Photoparadise workshops I am always worried that we will not have enough time to show the group all the interesting landscape techniques we ourselves use, and this year is no different. Last night when I thought about the 2015 workshop that is now less than a month away, I decided to write an article on one of the more modern popular techniques we show at the workshops, namely the use of long exposure landscape photographs that show movement. I am not talking about my star trail photography which is also based on long exposures, but rather long exposures during day time or bright night scenes (such as photographs taken during full moon).

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Into the Sun

Published on: 14th Mar 2015

When judging photo competitions I very often see photographs taken towards the sun at sunset or sunrise - with the sun in the scene. I think these photographers are very brave!

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Converting landscape photos to monochrome

Published on: 27th Dec 2014

I have been visiting Witsand in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa for many years. I remember that at one occasion I took my negative developer kit and my home made class contact sheet "press" with me in order to develop my negatives and make contact prints at night to better prepare for the next day's shoot in the dunes.

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