Category: Street Photography Tips

Setting the scene

Published on: 23rd Sep 2017

Street photography is not only about randomly photographing in the streets. Successful street photography is often the result of a well-planned outing and in some cases, you need a good dose of patience in order to get then one good photo.

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Did I tell you I do not photograph beggars?

Published on: 18th Sep 2017

In my previous post I mentioned that I do not often photograph homeless people or beggars as I would not like to exploit their current situation.

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Tip No. 1: Close at home

Published on: 6th Jun 2016

I decided to start this series with the one tip that is for many people the most difficult to do, namely to make a point to do street photography close at home. Living close to Zoo Lake in Johannesburg, I very often take a stroll through the park after work.

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