Visiting Jinxi Ancient Water Town In China (锦溪古镇)

Published on: 28th Nov 2017

Jinxi is one of the lesser known water towns in China. It is less than 100 km northwest of Shanghai, part of Suzhou City, making it one of the most accessible water towns to visit. It is next to the Chenmudang water body which flows into Dianshan Lake.

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Jacarandas in Johannesburg

Published on: 5th Nov 2017

Pretoria is known as the Jacaranda City with more than 40,000 Jacarandas in the streets and parks. The Pretorians call October the Jacaranda Month and with good reason. Johannesburg is just as impressive, with the Jacarandas in full bloom a little bit later. On 4 November Xiaoyi and I took to the streets on an early morning photo shoot to capture the purple streets of Johannesburg.

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Shennan Road in 2 Seconds

Published on: 31st Oct 2017

Shennan Road is one of the longest roads in Shenzhen, so my article's title may be a bit misleading. I am actually referring to a very small piece of the road - around the Shenzhen Book City (深圳书城) in the Luohu district.

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Setting the scene

Published on: 23rd Sep 2017

Street photography is not only about randomly photographing in the streets. Successful street photography is often the result of a well-planned outing and in some cases, you need a good dose of patience in order to get then one good photo.

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Did I tell you I do not photograph beggars?

Published on: 18th Sep 2017

In my previous post I mentioned that I do not often photograph homeless people or beggars as I would not like to exploit their current situation.

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Merry Christmas Shenzhen

Published on: 7th Aug 2017

I do not normally photograph homeless people or beggars, but this specific time I could not resist taking a photo.

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Shenzhen at Night

Published on: 30th Jul 2017

In December I will again take a group of photographers to China, this time specifically to Shenzhen and surroundings. To make sure I am not missing some great photo opportunities I am working through my old photographs to remind me of the places I visited. I found quite a number of night photos and decided to share them in this article.

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I was lucky not to have clouds

Published on: 23rd Jul 2017

In my previous article, I talked about the visit to Wepener and the cloudless skies. Sometimes I yearn for a cloudless sky but am afraid to outer the words.

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But there are no clouds

Published on: 17th Jul 2017

On our way back from the PSSA bosberaad we took the scenic route from Lady Grey using the R392 via Herschel, turning left after Sterkspruit onto the R726 towards Zastron and then right onto the R26 towards Bethlehem via Wepener, Hobhouse, Lady Brand, Fiksburg and Fouriesburg. This is a very beautiful part of the Free State and South Africa. As photographer one can easily spend one or two weeks to explore this area.

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Photoparadise in Shenzhen for Christmas 2017

Published on: 9th Jul 2017

We are planning a photographic tour of Shenzhen for the 2017 Christmas! Shenzhen is one of the youngest cities in the world. Up until 1979 the original village was inhabited by about 30,000 people but in less than 40 years it grew to a population of about 19 million people. This extraordinary growth is the result of the Chines Government’s 1980 establishment of the Shenzhen as China’s first Special Economic Zone (SEZ).

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A Slow Afternoon in Lychee Park

Published on: 12th Jun 2017

On my last visit to Shenzhen I had some time to myself in the afternoons.

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It is about the journey, not the destination

Published on: 3rd Jun 2017

On the weekend on 26-29 May 2017 PSSA had a "bosberaad" to prioritise what is important and to create some tangible plans for the short to medium term for PSSA and its members. This session took place in Lady Grey in the Eastern Cape and we were to be there of the Friday by 20:00.

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Witsand in Infrared

Published on: 24th May 2017

I find that I very often get stuck on certain equipment and totally forget to explore other opportunities. I think one can call it "one track minded". But is it a bad thing?

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Long Exposure Landscape Photography in China

Published on: 2nd Apr 2017

On most of my trips to China everything is arranged for me. Even when I take a group of photographers to China, the planning of the photo opportunities is centred around the members who will be going on the trip and not necessarily on what I would like to photograph as a landscape photographer – remember I am trying to take the photographers to places I have visited before. I always have in mind that I must try to get the best for the other photographers with my own photographic needs playing second fiddle.

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Happy (Chinese) New Year 2017!

Published on: 28th Jan 2017

On my flight back from Hong Kong to Johannesburg on 1 January 2017 I already wrote this article (in my mind) but realty was waiting for me on my arrival and I never got the opportunity to put pen to paper; I started work on 3 January and also had to pack all my belongings to move to a new house on 14 January - really a hectic time. Luckily, Chinese New Year came on 28 January, giving me the perfect opportunity to start the year new again.

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Flight MN 493 Departed on Time - 3 things to remember when planning a Star trail photo session

Published on: 23rd Sep 2016

We decided to go camping in Pilansberg National Park for the last weekend of August. As this was also the "Dark Moon" time of the month (moon rising will be after midnight), I was hoping to also include a star trail evening as part of the camping experience. I've built up quite a collection of star trail photos over the past couple of years but are still striving for that illusive perfect star trail. Hopefully one day all the elements will work together to give me the opportunity to capture it.

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Black and White or shades of grey

Published on: 16th Sep 2016

The past couple of months everybody in the Fujifilm community were just talking about the new X-Pro2 and now the X-T2 cameras, and with good reason. You see and hear the same things over and over - any new model can only have so many improvements (I think). I wrote the below article a month after the release of the X-Pro2, but never published it. Now with the release of the X-T2 I am seeing the same trends, so maybe I must publish it after-all.

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The Zoo Lake Picnic

Published on: 11th Sep 2016

Late afternoon of Friday, like most other afternoons, we went for a brisk walk. We decided to walk around Zoo Lake, as we also wanted to buy some fruit and fish at the deli in Parkview, next to Zoo Lake.

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Morocco on a Shoestring - Erratum

Published on: 30th Aug 2016

Some time ago I wrote an article for the Fujilove and the Myfujifilm websites about my trip to Morocco and the challenges I faced with regards my camera's battery life. In the mean time I have learned that I made (at least) one wrong assumption. Here is the updated article. (I also added a few more photos to this article's gallery.)

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A Tree Paradise

Published on: 29th Aug 2016

The past weekend we went on an impromptu Pilansberg National Park camping outing and because of the close proximity also visited Sun City. We left Sun City just before sunset (too late if you asked me...).

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My Infrared Tree Series

Published on: 10th Aug 2016

While working through my infrared photos the past couple of days I came across my series of infrared trees taken in December 2015 in the Golden Gate, Freestate region.

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How I created 'The Old Lady'

Published on: 9th Aug 2016

I promised to walk you through the creation of my infrared photo that I call "The Old Lady". Yes, it is a landscape photo, but for me, the rocks in the foreground resembles an old lady who bends over this lily pond doing her washing (sometimes my imagination runs away with me...).

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I love my Fujifilm Infrared Camera - I am selling it...

Published on: 8th Aug 2016

No, this is not a paradoxical statement, it is an elaborate plan!

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Travels in China with the Fujifilm X-T2

Published on: 19th Jul 2016

The Fujifilm X-T2 Launch event took place on 14 July 2016 in Johannesburg and I was asked to tell the audience about my experiences with the camera during my travels in China in June 2016.

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Tip No. 1: Close at home

Published on: 6th Jun 2016

I decided to start this series with the one tip that is for many people the most difficult to do, namely to make a point to do street photography close at home. Living close to Zoo Lake in Johannesburg, I very often take a stroll through the park after work.

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Infrared in Shenzhen

Published on: 19th May 2016

Although the heading does not sounds like it, this is actually a continuation of my series of articles about the focal lengths used in Shenzhen in 2015. In this case I concentrates on the 14mm and 35mm lenses as used in my infrared photos.

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Dafen Art Village in Shenzhen

Published on: 12th May 2016

This is the fifth article in the series of my focal length usage analysis of photos taken Shenzhen photography in November 2015. This essay on Dafen highlights my use of the Fujinon XF35mm F1.4 and Fujinon XF56mm F1.2 lenses for street photography. Dafen is an art producing village in Shenzhen and is most likely the world's largest single geographical area where copies of famous paintings are created to be sold world wide to customers such as hotel groups, corporates and individuals. It is estimated that by 2007 about 60% of the world's art replicas originated in Dafen.

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The Sweet Potato seller

Published on: 8th May 2016

This is the fourth article in the series of my focal length analysis as used in my Shenzhen photography in November 2015.

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Shenzhen street photography with a 35mm lens

Published on: 2nd May 2016

This is part three of my lens analysis photo series taken in Shenzhen in November 2015. This is my favourite focal length and although all 20 photos in this article represent street photography, I actually use this lens also very successfully in my landscape photos. In a future article I will share with you my Shenzhen in Infrared photos, and there I've used the this lens with great effect on landscape scenes.

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Shenzhen Street photography using the Fujinon XF56mmF1.2 R lens

Published on: 27th Apr 2016

This is the second instalment of my of articles about my lens usage in Shenzhen. In the first article I gave a breakdown of the distribution of the lens focal lengths and then ended up showing you some photos taken with the 27 mm lens.

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A Technical look at my photography in Shenzhen

Published on: 24th Apr 2016

My next trip to China is less than 7 weeks away and as usual am I doing my best to make the remaining time feel as short as possible. I decided to publish a set of articles to explain what focal lengths I used and why. Some time ago a presented a talk about my photographs in Shenzhen, so I decided to use the photos of that presentation for these articles.

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The story of Giselle in 56 photos

Published on: 19th Apr 2016

I initially planned to call this article "This is not a review of the Fujinon XF90mm F2 R LM WR lens", as I wanted to photograph the Ballet Giselle using the 90mm lens. I ended up photographing it with the Fujinon XF56mm F1.2 R lens. Let me explain...

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Long Exposure photography using an Infrared filter with the Fujifilm X-T1

Published on: 4th Apr 2016

A couple of weeks ago my article about long exposure infra-red photography was published on the Fujilove website. I decided to republish the article on my own site with a few extra photos taken in infra-red on that same trip.

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Photoparadise 2016 - Visiting Fujian province in China

Published on: 18th Mar 2016

This year's visit to China will be a bit different. With the help of some Chinese photography friends I've put together a photography visit with the sole purpose to go photograph some of the most beautiful landscape sceneries in China - the Xiapu Kelp farms and fishing villages. And I want you to join me.

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The lesser known Fujifilm Virtual Reality accessory

Published on: 9th Mar 2016

Ever since I changed my normal darkroom for a digital darkroom I have been experimenting with stereo photography. The easiest way (and still the only way I can show it to a full audience of up to 200 people) was to use the anaglyph technique.

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Montagu Pass in Infrared

Published on: 3rd Jan 2016

When I travel, I like to create my own little private "projects". On a recent visit to George, we decided to beat the sun to the top of Montagu Pass and we almost loose the challenge because of the number of distractions (photo opportunities) on the way up.

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Hongcun in Seconds

Published on: 18th Nov 2015

This was my third visit to Hongcun, so I started to get familiar with the place, and this is one of the triggers for creativity. I was back in Yixian county to attend their tenth photo festival.

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Visiting Yi County

Published on: 26th Oct 2015

I will be visiting the 10th anniversary Yi County Photo Festival from 1 to 5 November 2015. Eben Human, former editor at "Die Bruger" will join me (and exhibit) at the festival. As this is his first visit to Yixian I promised him some information to whet his appetite - this is almost too late!

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Converting a Fujifilm X-E1 to infrared

Published on: 23rd Oct 2015

In July 2014 I ordered an infrared filter for a Fujifilm X-E1. In September 2014 I actually bought a Fujifilm X-E1 camera for the filter.

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South Africa China Exchange Photography Exhibition 2015

Published on: 19th Aug 2015

In May 2015 the 3rd combined South Africa / China photography exhibition took place in the Art.b gallery in Bellville, Cape Town.

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Creating a Cinemagraph

Published on: 6th May 2015

Cinemagraphs are still photographs in which a small portion of the photo shows repeated movement. Cinemagraphs give the illusion that the viewer is watching a video, but they are normally published as an animated gif.

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Slow Down the Water

Published on: 6th Apr 2015

Close to our Photoparadise workshops I am always worried that we will not have enough time to show the group all the interesting landscape techniques we ourselves use, and this year is no different. Last night when I thought about the 2015 workshop that is now less than a month away, I decided to write an article on one of the more modern popular techniques we show at the workshops, namely the use of long exposure landscape photographs that show movement. I am not talking about my star trail photography which is also based on long exposures, but rather long exposures during day time or bright night scenes (such as photographs taken during full moon).

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Why I prefer PhotoNinja as my RAW converter

Published on: 22nd Mar 2015

I am a pixel peeper. There you have it, I said it. Now I feel better!

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Into the Sun

Published on: 14th Mar 2015

When judging photo competitions I very often see photographs taken towards the sun at sunset or sunrise - with the sun in the scene. I think these photographers are very brave!

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The 2015 Photoparadise Workshop

Published on: 8th Mar 2015

We announced our annual photoparadise landscape workshop on the social media a couple of days ago, and this made me think that it would be apt to write an article about it and show some of my photos taken at the last workshop.

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The Blue and Black Dress

Published on: 2nd Mar 2015

The question "Is That Dress White and Gold or Blue and Black?" went viral on the internet in the past couple of days. SAfm Radio asked my opinion in a 3 minute life interview on this question.

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Sorting a list of photos in HTML5

Published on: 10th Feb 2015

When I created this website, I had the foresight to add a display order option on every photo in an article. But I did not see the need to add functionality to do the actual sort of the list of photos

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Getting your ducks (and geese) in a row

Published on: 5th Feb 2015

In November 2014 ten photographers joined me on a photo trip to China. This was not your normal travel trip, as all the activities were organised and joined by local photographers from the photography clubs of the towns we visited.

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Taizhou in Infra red

Published on: 25th Jan 2015

When I travel I often take photos in infra red to show a new view to ordinary subjects.

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2014 "Xidi & Hongcun Cup" China Yixian Photography Festival

Published on: 19th Jan 2015

The 2014 "Xidi & Hongcun Cup" China Yixian Photography Festival took place from 8 to 12 November 2014 in the Yi County of the Anhui province of South East China

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24th Fujian Photography Exhibition

Published on: 3rd Jan 2015

The 24th Biennial Fujian Photography Exhibition, hosted by the Fujian Photographers Association took place from 28 December 2014 until (today) 3 January 2015.

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Converting landscape photos to monochrome

Published on: 27th Dec 2014

I have been visiting Witsand in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa for many years. I remember that at one occasion I took my negative developer kit and my home made class contact sheet "press" with me in order to develop my negatives and make contact prints at night to better prepare for the next day's shoot in the dunes.

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My Calendar Project

Published on: 21st Dec 2014

I guess there are many photographers doing this... This is now my 5th Calendar.

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How this site was created

Published on: 20th Dec 2014

Creating this website was a great programming exercise, but it did not deviate much from any software development project I have been involved in... Let me explain:

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Kliptown Photography Project Exhibition

Published on: 4th Aug 2014

We received an invite to attend the opening ceremony of the Kliptown Photography Project Exhibition in Soweto, South Africa. The opening ceremony took place on 31 July 2014 at 19:30. The invite did not include details to confirm attendance, so we decided to just pitch-up without any prior arrangement.

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2014 China Qinghai Sanjiang yuan (Three Rivers) International Photography Festival

Published on: 15th Jul 2014

The 2014 China Qinghai Sanjiang yuan (Three Rivers) International Photography Festival took place in Xiningin (in the northwest China province Qinghai) from July 12 to 15. Xiningin form part of the ancient silk road. The Yangtze, Yellow and Lancang rivers all rise from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau (thus the "Sanjiang yuan" name of the festival).

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SAC Beautiful Country Exhibition

Published on: 28th Jun 2014

The "SAC Beautiful Country" photography exhibition grew from an idea I put forward to Miss Guo Jing, Art Director of Shangtuf Image and Art Club in China, in November 2013. The idea was simply to invite her and a group of photographers to South Africa to show them why we are proudly South Africans. Miss Guo Jing immediately responded with "Only if we do an exhibition together in South Africa". This changed the whole purpose of the invitation: from showing around a few Chinese photographers in South Africa, to sharing the way photographers of South Africa and China experience their respective countries and how they choose to show it to the world through photography.

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Fujifilm X-T1 camera review

Published on: 16th Jun 2014

In 2013 I was privileged to be invited to form part of the judging congress of the China 15th International Photographic Art Exhibition. My fellow judges were from all parts of the globe and were a very diverse group of distinguished photographers. Although most of our time was taken up judging the 153 000 photographs, we did get some time for photography. One thing I noticed on these photography outings, was that I was the only person with huge photo gear (Nikon D700 with 14-24, 24-120 and 70-200 lenses). Most of them were using smaller cameras and two of the four fellow judges in the Visual Arts category were using the Fujifilm X-Pro1 camera. This obviously created some debate and they tried their best to convince me that they nowadays prefer these over their professional medium format gear - even for commercial jobs. One judge (from the UK) is a profession model photographer with Hasselblad equipment, and he showed me some of his photos asking me to tell him which were taken with the Hasselblad and which were taken with the Fujifilm X-Pro1 camera. Based on the image quality and tonal range I could not find any obvious differences, but in some cases the shallow depth of field was a giveaway for the medium format sensor! (In my research I later found out that Fuji manufactures the Hasselblad H series cameras and all Hasselblad lenses).

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Nikon DF - First Impressions

Published on: 3rd Jan 2014

When the Nikon DF was locally announced on 5 November 2013, I requested to evaluate it and received one of the Nikon demo models on 9 December. The first impression is that it is very different from all previous digital SLR Nikon cameras. It actually looks and feels very much like a film camera when one uses it. If you follow some camera forums on the Internet, you will be aware that this camera has split the typical Nikon followers into two camps, namely those who want it because of the nostalgia around a retro looking camera, and those who do not want it, because of its looks! For the past month, the Nikon DF forum has been the most popular forum on

I mentioned on Facebook that I was going to test it, and received responses such as "Why test it? You know it will be good". Currently I own a Nikon D700, so testing the Nikon DF will be beneficial in helping me to make up my mind whether or not this will be my next replacement /upgrade body.

I agree with the "You know it will be good" remark on Facebook as it is based on the 16 megapixel sensor used in the Nikon D4, but there is more to a camera than just the sensor.

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2013 Yixian Photography Festival

Published on: 21st Dec 2013

In 2013, the 15th China International Photographic Art Exhibition took place in Lishui City in China's Zhejiang Province and I was invited to be a judge at the judging conference. The judging conference took place at the end of August. This was my first visit to China and I was totally overwhelmed by the hospitality and friendliness of this land and its people. During this visit I definitely made lifelong friends.

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