This page contains guides and tools for photographers as mentioned elsewhere on this site.

Star trails

For information about the star trail stacking technique, download the following pdf guide: Star trails Quick Cheat Guide.pdf

The following is a more comprehensive guide about star trail photography: Star trail Photography e-Book.pdf

Exif Updater

This is a utility to fix the corruption of Exif data embedded in photos created via the PhotoNinja Photoshop plugin.

Read [this] article for information about this tool as well as usage instructions.

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Photoshop Script for Cinemagraphs

This download contains the Photoshop script (compatible with all versions of Photoshop from CS2 onwards)to apply masked layers for an animated gif.

Read [this] article to learn about Cinemagraphs and how to use this script.

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Google Cardboard

This download is a set of 10 Stereo photos prepared for Google Cardboard of a visit to the Nan Hua Temple at Bronkhorstspruit in South Africa.

Read [this] article to learn about stereo photography.

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